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The healthcare industry as a proportion of GDP has been increasing steadily in nearly all countries in the world. The health care industry can be summarized as groups representing the following segments:

1. Providers (hospitals, physicians, nurses)

2. Clients (individuals, employers, government and insurance firms)

3. Manufacturers (pharmaceuticals, research firms, medical devices and supplies)

4. Administrative (administrators, accountants, legal and IT staff to support above groups)


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 Decreases in mortality rates and advances in technology has led to increasing medical options and sophisticated treatments to patients over the years. The growth and increasing complexity in managing health care services requires a range of professionals in every sector of this industry. The expertise required are the result of the following:


1. Managing hospitals require increasing efficiency in delivery of services, maintaining costs, and implementing supply chain in procurement and staffing.

2. Manufacturers of health care products and services face rapid changes in technology and regulations, requiring change management skills to ensue high morale, productivity and employee satisfaction.

3. Insurance firms face dual and sometimes conflicting goals –ensuring adequate health care at lower costs, requiring new forms of financing and investment options.

4. Government agencies have to formulate policy that maximizes social good while balancing the needs of providers, clients, manufacturers and administrators.




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The main objective of the GEMFM Health Care Management Specialization is to provide participants with expertise to sustainably manage all institutions that cater to the health care industry, which includes government agencies, hospitals, medical organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, biotech firms, medical startups and supplier firms.


Specifically, this GEMFM specialization provides participants with the functional skills that are unique to the management of the health care industry.


The courses are taught in English by professors from universities from the United States of America and The Netherlands. Faculty members come from world-class universities and schools, providing a rich plurality of content and perspective.




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The GEMFM Health Care Management Specialization consists of 6 modules. All courses are highly interactive and focused on bridging the gap between theory and practice.


COURSES: Choose any five

Health Care Economics

Health Care Finance

Health Law and Ethics

Health Services Organizational Behaviour

Epidemiology for Health Care Managers

Hospital Organization and Administration

Health Care Business Analytics

Health Care Marketing and Supply Chain Management



An integrated decision-making course that integrates all the functional skills covered in this program including finance, marketing and operations.





The GEMFM Health Care Management Specialization is opened to Business Schools that want to include in their own programs an international academic experience. For more information, please contact GEMFM Global Network at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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