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Business Schools can incorporate in their own MBA and/or Masters in Finance Programs the GEMFM Finance Specialization:


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Choose 6 (out of 30 possible modules) GEMFM Global Network courses for your MBA and/or Masters in Finance programs such that:


a. All or some are common both for the MBA and the Masters in Finance that the Business School offers.


b. Take into account the market, in order to offer the courses in 3 consecutive days’ modules (24 hours in total, in class). According to GEMFM Global Network experience, teaching one module per month works very well. Total course hours are expanded including individual study hours, group work, etc.


c. Take into account the market, in order to teach all courses in English (with multilingual lecturers; in case students need a Spanish, Dutch, French, or Italian explanation or switch, it can usually be done). The combination of GEMFM Global Network courses that can be offered depends on the previous.




Advantages of including 6 GEMFM Global Network courses at the Business School programs:

a. The GEMFM Finance Specialization integrates a network of selected professors of highly-ranked business schools from all-over-the world, with a proven track record in executive education, providing a rich plurality of content and perspective.


b. The Business School can include GEMFM Global Network lecturers as invited (external) faculty, for its own local accreditations.


c. Students will receive an additional certificate, issued by GEMFM Global Network.


d. The Business School programs become international by: a. Including foreign lecturers. The GEMFM Global Network is an organization of financial professionals and educational experts from 4 different continents. b. Offering the New York Study Tour to their students. The 5-days New York Study Tour consists of an intense and competitive simulation of bank management strategies, together with visits to financial institutions and important financial sector players. It usually takes place in the Cornell Club, with a combination of guest speakers and simulation-based training provided by ProBanker. Students can use the language version of ProBanker of their choice. c. Offering the opportunity for student and staff exchange in different locations where the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program is being taught. d. Through the international network, participants can also connect to students and alumni of other GEMFM Global Network programs abroad. 

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Additional advantages:

a. Expand the Business School´s national network through other parties that offer GEMFM Global Network programs at their own country.

b. Offer the possibility of taking 8 more GEMFM Global Network courses and in this way students can attain a complete Global Executive Masters in Financial Management program (once the students have attained their Business School MBA or Master in Finance Degree, plus the completion of a practical thesis, which can be done in three different modalities: academic work, literature review, or case study). This opens the door to a dual degree.











GEMFM Global Network Courses:

The GEMFM Finance Specialization can be attained with 6 Global Executive Masters in Financial Management modules (or 5 plus the module offered during the New York study tour). The Business School together with GEMFM Global Network will agree on which modules to offer, such that the Business School does not need to do any changes on its own programs. GEMFM Global Network has a portfolio of 30 courses, which will fit any finance course offered by the Business School. In case the Business School wants to include courses not offered in its own programs, it can also be provided by GEMFM Global Network.

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Courses offered by the GEMFM Global Network:
1.    Introduction to Finance
2.    Financial Reporting and Analysis
3.    Corporate Finance
4.    Introduction to Derivatives
5.    Fixed Income and Asset Allocation
6.    Computational Finance
7.    Financial Econometrics
8.    Empirical Finance
9.    Portfolio and Market Theory
10.    Risk Management
11.    Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility
12.    Advanced Portfolio Management
13.    Behavioral Finance
14.    Corporate Governance
15.    Economic Environment of Business
16.    Entrepreneurial Finance
17.    Equity Analysis and Valuation
18.    Financial Analysis Project
19.    Financial Risk and the Firm
20.    Financial Risk Forecasting
21.    FINTECH
22.    International Finance and Risk Management in Emerging Markets
23.    Islamic Investment
24.    Leadership and Communication
25.    Leadership for Financial Sector
26.    Microfinance and Financial Inclusion
27.    Real Options
28.    Regulatory Compliance
29.    Strategic Finance
30.    Valuation


If you are affiliated to a Business School interested in the possibility of offering the GEMFM Finance Specialization, please contact the GEMFM Global Network: GEMFM Global Network can also offer tailor-made in-company finance programs.

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