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ProBanker provides with an opportunity to practice decision-making skills in a complex environment. Through simulation-based training, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of balancing banks´ business objectives, risk and compliance.

ProBanker is a web-based program where participants work together in teams and input a range of decisions every quarter affecting deposits, loans, bonds, and capital. Once the simulation is run, the results can be reviewed and discussed with the instructor prior to deciding the inputs for the following quarter. A series of assignments will test the knowledge of the various principles, concepts and tools required in bank management.


Simulation-based training is now recognized as the most effective way to teach decision-making skills. It is ideal for evaluating team-based and interpersonal skills. Simulation-based training is interactive and participants retain more knowledge that lecture-based classes (and is usually fun).


ProBanker is a company with both academic and professional experience. It has decades of experience in providing training solutions. ProBanker employs state-of-the-art advanced simulation customized for today’s banks. Participants have provided consistently positive feedback.


ProBanker Simulation was originally developed by Mark Flannery at Wharton, was joined by Mark Flood in the mid-1990s to transition it from a PC-based to a web-based program. In 2010, Anoop Rai joined the team to transition it to the next generation software for hybrid and online classes. Jaap Spronk joined ProBanker SimulationTraining in 2014 to globalize the curriculum and expand to overseas markets. It is now offered in several languages.


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